About ZOLES®

ZOLES® is a family-owned business in Denmark, dedicated to increasing the comfort and performance our customers experience with their footwear. Our offerings are for everyone, and of particular relevance to those with special needs and sports people seeking the maximum advantage.


The insoles are made for all kinds of feet, shoes and needs. In addition to the shape of the insole, one can also adapt the firmness of the sole, shock absorption and agility according to the person’s weight, needs and physical challenges. The insoles can be adapted to all types of feet, such as flat feet, high arches and sunken forefoot. If you have shoes that need the insole to have a certain fit, such as stilettos or soccer boots, we can do that too.

Our insoles are designed in 3D and produced according to your measurement and needs as well as the type of shoes you need them in. It is very important that the insoles fit the shoe shape. If the insole is wrong in the shoe, it can do more harm than good.


We supply the first in the world shoes and sandals with individual insoles made according to your measurements and needs. We carry a selection of quality footwear from European brands that produce shoes, sandals and boots in Europe by European quality materials.

Through a partnership with the shoe manufacturers, we have the opportunity to replace the footbed of the sandal with a custom made footbed made according to your goals and needs. The footbed fits perfectly with the sandal’s design and style and makes the sandal only more beautiful.

Shoes and boots

We only sell high quality shoes. The shoes are made with a focus on good comfort and a nice design. Our buyers are good at finding fashionable shoes with an elegant, classic look and a modern cut.

If you buy shoes from us, they always come with a pair of custom made soles made according to your goals and needs. The insoles can also be used in other shoes with the same fit.

We provide a personal service, so you must register with us to make a purchase. In return, you can then buy shoes and insoles based on your data and needs.

Our history

2018, august

In August 2018, we launched our online platform so that everyone can now order insoles online according to their own measurements and needs.

2018, may

As the first in the world, we launched sandals, where the inner part of the sandal (footbed) is individually made to the customer’s feet and needs. It is a news on the world market.


In 2017, we opened our clinic and store in Northern Zealand for custom made insoles for all types of feet and footwear.
We even produce our insoles with the latest 3D technology in our production and development center in Espergærde, north of Copenhagen. We use the best European materials for insoles and shoes.


In 2014, we started the development work with 3D technology for foot analysis and individual insole production.