Ob Sie Komfort, Schmerzlinderung oder eine bessere Leistung möchten, ein paar Sohlen von ZOLES® können Ihnen auf den Weg helfen.
Empfohlen von Rückenspezialisten, Podologen und Physiotherapeuten.



Alle unsere Sohlen werden nach Ihren Füßen und Bedürfnissen gestaltet und gefertigt. Deswegen ist es wichtig, dass Sie vor dem Kauf die folgenden Schritte durchführen:

Custom Insoles

Our insoles are 100% custom made to fit your feet, the shoes you wear, and any special requirements. All possible parameters are adjustable. Want more info? Try explore our insoles

Arch support

Everyone can benefit from arch supports, whether your foot arches hurt or not. Arch supports help:
  • Align the entire foot and guide the foot through a natural motion
  • Provide stabilisation to the body movement
  • Help prevent and alleviate pain in not only the feet, but also the knees, hips, and lower back.


It is important that the insole shape match both your foot and your shoe, to provide the correct support and function. You can specify the kind of shoes the insoles shall fit. You can also enclose an outline of a specific shoe, and we will customize the insoles to perfectly fit that shoe.


A deep heel cup on your insole will help properly align your foot and increase your foot’s stability. This will assist with the treatment and prevention of foot conditions such as over-pronation, and over-supination. Extra shock absorption in the heel loads the entire body as you walk and run.

Metatarsal pad

A Metatarsal pad is used to help spread your transverse arch (the arch behind the ball of your foot that runs across the width of your foot), reduce your toe overextension, and encourage the return of your forefoot fat pad to its rightful position supporting the heads of your metatarsal bones.


We modify the built structure of the insoles according to your feet issues - adjusting the softness / hardness of the different areas of the insoles.


The insoles are made from the wonder material TPU with its high elastic characteristics and ability to bounce back and forth into the shape.