HARTJES is an Austrian brand that produces shoes with high comfort, combined with fashion and sustainability. HARTJES stands for quality without compromise. Each pair of shoes is the result of high expertise, state-of-the-art production technology and real sustainability. All their shoes are produced in Austria by European materials.


For more than 6 decades, HARTJES has stood for comfortable and functional shoe fashion of the highest quality. Comfort and health have always been the focus. Together with attractive design, HARTJES has become the largest shoe manufacturer in Austria.

HARTJES is a responsible producer and works fairly and organically, showing transparency about the origin and respect for people and nature, from the resource-saving transport routes to the use of natural materials at reasonable working conditions for all 150 employees.

REAL LEATHER - Strong, soft and unique

HARTJES only uses premium leather from Croatia. The leather is treated using green energy from CO2 neutral sources. It is also produced with the least possible amount of chemicals at e.g. dyeing and therefore production has virtually no adverse effect on the environment.

Natural materials such as lambskin, lead and natural rubber express the sustainability that is so important for HARTJES. All shoes are made by passionate employees who use their hands and expertise to make the perfect shoe for you.



An integrated roller line in the sole of the shoe mimics the natural movement of the foot when walking. Besides this, the light weight of the sole made of natural rubber is not charged to the foot. For those of you who tend to fall inward as you go, this is a must!

HARTHES & ZOLES® - A perfect match

Highest quality and individual fit - this is how shoes must be created for the quality-conscious and self-confident woman today!

The product life span is in mind when ZOLES® and Hartjes join together for the perfect shoe. Shoes should last more than one season. It must be about quality and individuality! We are away from mass production that leaves a lot of shoes in surplus every single year that is discarded and burned to the detriment of the environment. We want to create a society that will better praise individuality and creativity. All Hartjes shoes can be individually adapted using ZOLES® soles. All shoes purchased through ZOLES® will be tailored to your feet and unique needs. This concept is aimed at a more conscious consumer behavior and more appreciation.