Photo capturing of your feet

How to take the required photos of your feet.

1. Preparation

You will need:

  • a mobile phone
  • 2 sheets of A4 paper
  • a pen
  • someone who can take a picture of your feet

2. Take pictures of your feet

Take pictures of the inside of both your feet.

Place the camera on the same level as your foot.

Make sure the whole foot is in the frame.

3. Outline of your feet


Place your foot on a piece of A4 paper and draw an outline of the foot.

Keep the pen in a vertical position as close to the foot as possible.

Repeat for your second foot.


Take a photo of outlines of each of your feet.

The entire A4 sheet must be in the picture frame.

4. Pictures of your feet and lower legs from behind

Ask someone to take a picture of your feet and lower legs from behind.

You are now ready to upload your pictures and shop insoles and shoes on ZOLES


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